Spring Cleaning with Kids

March 13, 2018 by Natalie - No Comments

We are now half way through March and for us that means only one thing – time to get spring cleaning! But before you yawn, log off and head back to another series on Netflix… spring cleaning doesn’t have to be boring, hard work you’d rather ignore. Instead, why not make a fun day of it and involve the kids? A clean house, and helpful children – what’s not to like?

The sock dusting shuffle

Each child puts a sock on their hand and has to run their hand (carefully!) over as many surfaces as possible. The race is on. (You may want to temporarily move glass and other breakables to high, out of reach shelves!). Simply wash the socks afterwards.

Birdy giraffe jumps

(or whatever crazy name you and the kids can come up with)
You’ll need a few cheap feather dusters tied to sticks. The aim is for the kids to jump as high as they can with their sticks to reach the dust along the tops of doors. Highest jumper wins, and be prepared to follow them with a hoover as this can get dusty.

The Charlie Chaplin

A fun way to wash windows. Add a solution of one part white vinegar to two parts water into two bowls. One of you stands at an outside window with one bowl, while the other at the inside of the same window with the second bowl. Decide which of you will go first, and using a cloth start wiping the window. The other person must try and keep up and copy the other person exactly – imagine a mirror image. You can take it in turns to lead, and use a scrunched up newspaper to buff up! Oh and a third person with a camera is a must 😉

Teddies visit Antarctica

If the thought of putting their beloved soft toys in the washing machine makes your child scream and cry, then this could be the answer. First, clear a space or full drawer if you can manage, in your freezer. You can now role play a trip for your child’s teddies to somewhere cold and icy and place the soft toys in the freezer. Voila, you get rid of pesky dust mites, and avoid tantrums in the process. Why not find a book about a snowy, icy adventure to read while you’re waiting?

Teddy Tidy Headboard

Okay, this is a shameless plug, but hands up who else find their child’s extensive soft toy collection irritating? Especially when said collection overflows onto the bedroom floor? Our Teddy Tidy headboard is the perfect solution and encourages children to put each of their teddies in a special place at night. For ‘special place’ read a tidy and organised place that mummy doesn’t have to keep picking up! Why not have a race or a beat the clock timer at bedtime to see how fast they can do it?

Lavender Laundry

For the more crafts-y of you out there, you could ask your child/children to help you create cute lavender bags, which can be kept in all the wardrobes in your house for fresh smelling clothes. For younger kids, you will need to do the sewing, but ask your child to help by filling little handmade bags with lavender (from a craft store, or dried from the garden). All you need for the bags is scraps of material around 10cm by 10cm, and either sew up the final side after filling or apply a cute button or ribbon drawstring.

Monster grouting

With a washable pen, draw some large monsters on your bathroom tiles. Make up a solution of one part white vinegar and two parts bicarbonate of soda. Give your kids some old toothbrushes and ask them to scrub the monsters’ fur, teeth, etc. This should clear up the dirt in between your bathroom tiles in no time and the kids will have a giggle making the ‘monsters’ clean again.


Encourage older kids with this one with talk of parties, burgers and hot dogs! One way of cleaning up barbecues and grills is to rub them with lemon halves covered in course sea salt, then give them a rinse. Ask the children to get scrubbing, but make sure a barbecue follows soon after, otherwise they may not be so forthcoming next year!

Keep, Share, Bin!

Again, another one for the older children. Encourage them to sort through all their piles of clothing by arranging into three piles: one for all clothes they wish to keep, one for clothes that you can pass to charity, and one pile that can go in the bin. This takes effort, so we recommend a prize such as an Easter egg for successful sorting!

If you have any more tips on encouraging the children to help with the cleaning, please send them to us.