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Coping with Allergies

It’s Allergy Awareness Week next week (23rd – 29th April), which highlights what people with allergies have to put up with, including that seasonal terror, hayfever.Unfortunately, you can’t prevent hayfever, but we visited the NHS website for some advice on how to control it, or at leas ...
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A Bedroom Fit for a Princess

Of course, we had to start with our very own Crown Headboard.Every princess needs special head wear, and this headboard is the perfect focal point for her bedroom. Choose pretty pink, as per our picture, or a shiny golden tone to really set the scene.Now, every princess needs a four poster be ...
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Spring Cleaning with Kids

We are now half way through March and for us that means only one thing – time to get spring cleaning! But before you yawn, log off and head back to another series on Netflix… spring cleaning doesn’t have to be boring, hard work you’d rather ignore. Instead, why not make a fun day of it and i ...
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Bedrooms for space nuts!

Starting with our Rocket Headboard (of course) as the focal point, we’ve searched the internet for some stylish and space-y pieces to create the bedroom of your child’s dreams.So first, the Karen’s Headboards Rocket headboard. Choose your child’s favourite colours, or see what ...
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Moon Headboard - Lifestlye Shot

Sleep is the Word

It’s obvious that a good night’s sleep is good for us. Even as adults, if we have a bad night, we feel groggy, grumpy and generally a bit rubbish. And the same is true for children – a restless night equals moods and tantrums. But what’s the science behind all this?According to the National ...
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World Book Day

The excitement is building here at Karen’s Headboards and we’ve been rummaging through our Karen’s Headboard toy box (also known as the dressing up box), as next Thursday is World Book Day.Yes, World Book Day is back for its 21st year and we can’t wait to don our outfits to celebrate ...
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The Best Places to Go for Story Time

As a lot of you will probably know already, we believe that story time with our little ones is essential and we are firm advocates of reading to our kids. You can’t beat a cuddle at bedtime while reading a good story. But taking your children to a great venue for story time will also fuel their im ...
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Time Saving Tips

We know what it’s like, those last few minutes before you leave the house in the morning can make or break your day. The chaos, the tears, the screams, the shoes flying everywhere, a lost scarf. How many of us experience any of the above?! Well, with a few tweaks and changes, perhaps we can ...
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A Real Life Space Craft Tour

What is it about space travel that kids find so fascinating? Is it the thought of reaching all those twinkling stars they see every night before bed? Is it the adventure they could have travelling many miles away from home? Or is it simply because all space craft looks so cool?Well, thanks to a nati ...
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Castle Headboard - Lifestyle Shot
If you’re anything like us, we’ve been struggling to get our kids off to sleep lately. All the excitement that builds up in the run up to Christmas Day is not conducive to a good night’s sleep. Not to mention all that naughty food we all eat – the advent calendar chocolate, the mince pies, t ...
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